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0xff beat s04 episode 2

The soundsystem. The crowd energy. The ice cold summer drinks. It’s been a longgggg time since we’ve experienced this combo, so for our second installment of...

0xff beat s04 episode 1

Guess who’s also locked at home? Our good selves. As the heat waves start hitting central Europe and Canada, the inner desire for those amazing sunset partie...

0xff beat s03 episode 8

Get your dose of tasty dub salad with this week’s blend of UK underground and juicy Afro-Caribbean flavour!

0xff beat s03 episode 6

Hey everyone! Long time no hear <o/ Feel like zoning out a little? We assembled some of the finest soundscape designers for your 💆🏻‍♀️ listening pleasure....

0xff beat s03 episode 4

Merry nothing. Not here not now! 0xff beat wishes you the best for this new year 🥂🍾 Revel in our throwback mix reviving the European sonority in the the earl...

0xff beat s03 episode 3

There is no aesthetic like the lo-fi aesthetic. Grainy saturation, tape scratches, 808s, we got it all <3

0xff beat s03 episode 2

Back to the roots of 0xff beat, embarking on a minimal techie journey with bits and pieces of idm and glitchy textures. As crispy as fried chicken v3.0.

0xff beat s03 episode 1!

To celebrate the start of our 3rd year of existence, travel along with us, and experience the richness of modern Japan. Hailing from a country and culture at...

0xff beat s02 episode 18

Suspenders? Check. Bowties? Check. Flapper dresses and bowler hats? Check. Happy-go-lucky, retrofuturistic grooves, incoming. 😎

0xff beat s02 episode 11

A turn of the millennium revival, shuffling through all those hits you couldn’t get tired of hearing over and over… and over again.

0xff beat s02 episode 9

With the start of 2018, it’s time to kickstart all those crazy diets and unrealistic workout plans. Let us ease that process for you with a delightful audio ...

0xff beat s02 episode 7

A little gift for your stocking. A sui generis episode, falling way outside of the usual 0xff beat spectrum, but “a good introspection into the sort of stuff...

0xff beat s02 episode 5

The grand masters of flow aggression are back. Revisiting one of the most iconic episodes from last season, get ready for a UK Grime overtake. A full-blown 3...

0xff beat s02 episode 4

The Happy-Go-Lucky vibe makes its return back to our show. It may already be Autumn/Fall for most you in the northern hemisphere, but we’re still in “heat” l...

0xff beat s02 episode 3

As summer rolls out and reality rolls in, let us help you find your groove. This week, we bring you a fine selection of intricate instrumentation, uptempo br...

0xff beat s02 episode 2

A supercharged, danceable journey through the US, the Caribbean, and Brazil. Time to get latin.

0xff beat s02 episode 01

Welcome to Season 2 of the hottest show around the galaxy hosted by your favorite grad students. New season, new surprises :) Today we have an episode showc...

0xff beat episode 46 [special edition]

A very special birthday to….us! To mark one year of fun curating the freshest beats, we decided to celebrate our friends and followers. This week, each track...

0xff beat episode 45

I make it as intimate as it can be. Join me into a journey of emotional isolation. Original photo by tableatny:

0xff beat episode 44

Almost celebrating a year since the episode 1 for 0xff beat, we revisit modern rap classics. Enjoy ;) Image from:

0xff beat episode 43

From across the globe, we’re back! Finesse your way into our lovingly selected jazzy hip hop tunes. You’ll feel like a million bucks - guaranteed. Image by ...

0xff beat episode 42

A small unplanned gift till our good old friend Derek comes back from Europe. Enjoy the modern sounds of the UK. Image by Thegreenj: https://de.wikipedia.or...

0xff beat episode 41

Like Derek said, today is all about “Big Boy Drum and Bass”. Image by Pablo López Soriano:

0xff beat episode 40

With the sun on our faces and summer on the horizon, it’s time to break out those piña coladas 🍹 Image source:

0xff beat episode 39

A trip to the second half of the 90s, where the Goa trance scene emerged from the underground and achieve mainstream recognition. We definitely stepped out o...

0xff beat episode 38

A curated selection of some of the world’s finest foreign language hip hop tracks. Come fly with us. (Link to “Waarom” EP: Image...

0xff beat episode 37

We revisit the most the classiest side of electro in this energetic mix. This is a workout pearl. Photo by Manfred Werner - Tsui - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, h...

0xff beat episode 36

UK House/Garage lovers, we’re back with a vengeance (as always). It’s awesome to be back :D Photo by Jaymantri:

0xff beat episode 35

Unleash your inner nerd. Some of our favourite tracks featured on video games. Original image by Lee Dyer at

0xff beat episode 34

A collection of our nasty secret little guilty pleasures. ❤️ Original image from Joakim Wahlander at

0xff beat episode 33

Experience Africa, in your ears. Photo by Joe Ross.

0xff beat episode 32

Enhance your brain with “intelligent” music. Original image from

0xff beat episode 31

An episode so filthy even your mom can’t clean it. Undergrad years… we miss you :’)

0xff beat episode 29

Sawtooth waves and bitcrushers galore, this week is all about the futuristic sounds of Glitch Hop! Keep an eye on your robots…

0xff beat episode 28

This week we explore a selection sounds of heavily influenced by the rhythms of the acclaimed Chicago footwork / juke. Put on your dancing gear and get ready...

0xff beat episode 27

A silky smooth selection of our generation’s finest and chillest hip hop beats. Pioneers and new faces alike, handpicked to carry you away ~

0xff beat episode 25

Inhale…Exhale….Breathe in that crisp, January air. Our finest selection of winter beats is here to move you through the season ❄️

0xff beat episode 24

First of the Year, setting a classy tone for what’s to come in 2017. Our selection of the finest tracks in deep/minimal/melodic techno.

0xff beat episode 23

A selection of our top favorite influential tracks for the year. See you next year guys, hopefully back on the regular schedule.

0xff beat episode 22

Merry Xmas everyone. Don’t forget to comment about your favourite track for this year.

0xff beat episode 21

Today we have our first guest, Xtanki from the project Mais Baixo. Prepare yourself for some low frequencies. More on our guest in the links below: Xtanki F...

0xff beat episode 18

Adding colour to your week - time to get down! Grab those old roller skates out of the closet.

0xff beat episode 11

A really well crafted episode, exploring interesting twists of unlikely genres to ever be heard on this show :)

0xff beat episode 5

I’m proud to announce Derek’s debut episode. Picture beaches, warmth and friends, and let the sun burn that skin.

0xff beat episode 3

The 3rd episode of the 0xff beat podcast is out. Today I’m taking your mind somewhere nice.

0xff beat episode 2

Here’s the second episode of the 0xff beat podcast. This week I’ve concocted something special to make you really appreciate life! Hope you have a blast and ...